computingWeb-Based Referrals:

When you use geo-targeted social networking and marketing to promote your business, the only leads you generate are local, targeted leads. This is how you leverage social networking and marketing to generate a significant number of new customers and web-based referrals from your area.



website-traffic25%-50% More Traffic To Your Website:

Included with this service are thought-provoking, benefit-rich, lead generating posts that will cause people to flock to your website to learn more about the services and solutions you provide.



Generate-Website-LeadsMore Leads From The Web:

Your marketing goal is to generate a steady flow of interested Local Targeted Leads from many different sources. With social networking and marketing, you get to “use” your social networking accounts (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc) to gain access to thousands of people who live and work in your city – every day of the week. Ultimately, it’s your consistent interaction with thousands of people in your city that leads to great word-of-mouth, leads, referrals, new business and UNPRECEDENTED Market Penetration.


growth_3D-25625%-50% More Business From The Web:

What’s the most important factor in building (growing) your business? The answer is – TRAFFIC.
You need traffic to your website so you can convert the highest number of people into new customers. You need “traffic” (lots of people) to call your office so you can convert “shoppers” into new customers. And, what is the single most cost-effective way to generate all of that local, targeted traffic? You guessed it – consistent, strategic local social networking and marketing.


internet-reputationBuild Your Reputation:

One of the fastest and easiest ways to build and maintain a great reputation and “Expert Status” in your city is to purposefully put content and information out to the people in your area to let them know how and why you are better/different than all of your competitors. That’s what we do for our clients here at 1SocialNetworkingSolution. We consistently expose how and why you are the best at what you do WITHOUT bragging so you endear yourself in a way that makes people want to do business with you.