Q: I know you build my reputation and expert status with the 1SNS service, but do I have control over building reviews, ratings and recommendations as well?
A: Only in the Premium Service.

Q: Can I see my Reputation Report or my overall online rating as you build my reputation, status and social signals?
A: Only in the Premium Service

Q: In the Premium Service, who builds my online ratings, reviews and recommendations?
A: You do. You will gain access to a platform where you (or your staff) can take complete and total control of generating dozens of positive reviews, ratings and recommendations every week.

Q: Can’t I just hire an assistant to do this for me?

A: Yes…and NO.
* NO – Your staff cannot duplicate our service for building your reputation, positive ratings, online reviews and recommendations. Our proprietary software automates all of this for you so you generate positive reviews and recommendations online every day and this saves you/your staff 3 – 5 hours per day.
* Yes, to the service…IF you want to interview, hire, train, manage and coordinate all that they do for you every day.

With that said, you should know 3 things:
1. It is likely that you cannot pay anyone LESS than what you’ll be paying for our highly experienced and trained staff to deliver our service.
2. You and/or your staff will have to write and create every post and that takes time …and as you know – time is money!
3. Of course you’ll also have to deal with taxes, unemployment, workman’s comp, sick days, holiday pay, replacing them when they’re out, sick or quit, etc.
This service is for business owners who just want a highly paid team of experienced social networking, local marketing and reputation-building experts to “do it ALL for them” so they don’t have to worry about ALL of the above.

Q: Is there a contract?
A: Nope. This is a month-to-month agreement. However, you need to understand that this is NOT a quick-fix marketing effort. Developing and maintaining a significant, authentic social networking presence AND building great reputation in your city can take some time – especially if you have never done anything like this before. With that said, we highly recommend you consider at least a 4-to-6 month time commitment so you can truly appreciate the results (ripple effects) of our efforts. With that said, it is likely that you will see results (leads, prospects, positive word-of-mouth, new business, positive ratings and reviews, etc) before then. You can cancel at any time by submitting a 30-day notice of cancellation at the Support Desk.

Q: Is this an automated software robot?
A: NO. We have an entire team of actual humans (well, more like super internet marketing geeks) that will be creating, monitoring, facilitating and implementing every component of this service for you.

Q: Who does the work?
A: One of our trained staff will be assigned to your account. That person will facilitate the entire service for you. We are 100% authentic and act as if we own your business. Every action we take on your behalf is fueled with the same “owner mentality” that you have for your business. (We understand that if you are successful with our service, you will likely stay in our service and refer others…so we want the EXACT same results that you want!)

Q: Can I give you content to post for me?
A: Absolutely. Most of our clients who use the 1SNS service regularly send us the exact content they want us to post for them…so you get to work smarter, not harder and leverage our service in any way you choose! So, you have THREE options:
1. We can automatically post all of the relevant content for you.
2. You can send us ALL of the content you want us to post for you.
3. You can enjoy a combination of both #1 and #2! (Most choose this option)

Q: Will I have a contact person? Who do I send my content to? Who do I call if I have a question?
A: You will have your own personal Account Manager. He/she is your point person to talk to if you have any questions, send content to, need greater clarity about something, etc.

Q: Where is your company based?
A: We are in the United States. In fact, we are in Huntingdon Valley, PA…which is a suburb just outside of Philadelphia, PA. But we serve clients all over the world.

Q: Are your employees overseas?
A: No. Every employee is in North America and works standard 9AM – 5PM EST hours.

Q: What if I don’t have a big list of friends on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc., can I still use your service? Is it still right for me?
A: Actually, that’s EXACTLY why you should join this service. That’s one of the goals of this service…to help you build a huge list of authentic followers, “friends”, connections, etc. These people are not only your prospective new customers – they are also going to help you become known as the best in your city!

Q: What if I don’t have a Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Foursquare profile, can I still use your service.
A: Yes, AFTER you create your profiles/accounts on the above mentioned social sites. If you want us to create your social networking profiles, there is no up-front fee to do so, but you agree not to cancel before your third billing (i.e. about 92 days).

Q: Is this service the same as AutomatedSocialNetworking.com
A: NO! They are two totally different services.

Q: Do you have a library of photos that you utilize and add photos to blogs?
A: Yes

Q: Do you add references to pertinent information at the end of a blog?
A: Yes



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