This is a 100% Done-For-You Social Networking Solution

We become YOUR Social Networking Team and help you generate tremendous exposure, “expert” status, positive word-of-mouth and
200%-400% more local leads, referrals and new customers from the web

When you “connect” with the people in your social networks 3X per day – every day – they get to KNOW, LIKE, TRUST and BUY from you much faster!

Use our staff of fully trained social networking experts to create an immediate shift in your LOCAL top-of-mind awareness, positive word-of-mouth, online reputation, viral marketing, friends, followers, connections, leads, referrals and NEW business.


Boost Awareness

The more people that are aware of your valuable products and services, the more business you generate.

Magnify Your ROI

Our proven process systematically enables the people in your social networks to stimulate word-of-mouth, maximum exposure and market penetration.

Fast Implementation

Together, we’ll define your social networking and business-building goals and then launch our service within 24 hours to start to grow your business.

People “Connect” with People, NOT Ads

Why do you need consistent social networking? Your social networks are FULL of your PEOPLE, also known as prospective customers, referral sources, lead generators and sources of positive word-of-mouth about you AND your business! If you don’t ENGAGE these groups every day, you’re literally losing money and business. Our service will post on your social networks 3X per day in order to help you endear yourself to “your people” so they feel like they have a “relationship” with you…like they “know” you..and as a result – appreciate the VALUE of your products and services.

Our Process

1. Define Goal

Step 1 is to define your goals. It could be to generate leads, subscriber signups, “Like’s, Friends, Connections, Followers, and more. We use your current metrics as our baseline to define success as you grow in our service.

2. Plan and Execute

Create and post the updates on your social networks 3X per day, every weekday in order to achieve your desired goals.

3. Manage and Monitor

You’ll be able to keep your finger on the pulse of all that is being posted about your business and then tweak and fine tune if you have to.

Do you want more NEW Business and Consistent Exposure In Your City?

1SocialNetworkingSolution can help you get GREAT results by designing, building and optimizing a killer social networking plan.

Optimize AND Monetize your social networks

By constantly engaging your social networks, you allow them to get to know, like and trust you. While most of your competitors are using “traditional” marketing, you’re getting in front of them every day And giving them valuable, benefit-rich information…or something that makes them laugh or think or smile. This is the new way of establishing yourself as the Go-To expert in your city and of stimulating the best word-of-mouth every day.

Consistent “Conversations” with your social networks is how you DOUBLE your “Buying Public”

When you continuously add more Fans, Friends, Followers and Connections to your social networks, you will INEVITABLY generate more Likes, Shares, awareness, leads, referrals, recommendations, top-of-mind-awareness and a lot of new business.

Money Back Guarantee100% Money Back Guarantee

If after 30 days, you don’t believe that this is the most powerful, fully automated reputation-building and management solution available to you, send us an e-mail and we’ll gladly refund every penny.